Sergei Dylevsky in the hallway of his apartment building in Minsk, Belarus, Aug. 20, 2020. (Misha Friedman/The New York Times) MINSK, Belarus — Denis Dudinsky, the long-haired and mustachioed host of “Good Morning Belarus!,” can still hear the producer’s nervous voice in his ear any time his banter approached something […]

Apple TV+ picked up the opening night film CODA for an impressive $25 million. Photo: Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images This year’s COVID-19-edition Sundance Film Festival ran four days shorter than usual, screened nearly 40 fewer features than in 2020, and unfolded entirely online. Ahead of opening night, attendants and competitors wondered […]

One man left the house after an argument with his wife and walked 280 miles to cool off, breaching Italy’s national curfew. Another man wandered outside his quarantine room in Taiwan for eight seconds and caught the attention of the authorities. Still another drove 19 miles for a butter chicken […]

A California woman allegedly broke Hawaii’s COVID-19 quarantine rules and was arrested, Maui police said. Colleen Proppe, 52, arrived at the Honolulu International Airport from Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport on Nov. 7, the Maui Police Department said in a Monday news release. All visitors in Hawaii are required to self-quarantine […]