You could not ignore Yaphet Kotto when he came on the screen. There was his sheer size: 6’3″ and broad as a barn in a business where most actors are much smaller than the camera makes them seem. There was that voice: hard as gravel, but also with an unmistakable […]

As the holiday season gets under way amid a Covid-19 surge across the country, employers are taking measures to encourage employees to limit their potential virus exposure and to safeguard workplaces. What is your boss is entitled to know about your holiday plans? Employers have wide latitude during a pandemic […]

“People look at a lot of different ways to book. The regulators don’t understand that more than half of hotelier’s business comes to them directly, and they have ways, through very easy-to-use technology, to distribute their rooms to many different retailers like ourselves, or maybe Expedia, or maybe Tui, or […]

European Union – Jon Nazca/Reuters has warned that sweeping new legislation for digital businesses in the EU would “handcuff” the travel site, seen as one of Europe’s few tech champions.  Brussels is drawing up new rules which would penalise internet giants, applying only to those which were considered ‘Big […]