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Is Antitrust a Bigger Risk Than COVID-19 For Amazon Stock?

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on economies around the world and has upended many industries, including airlines, travel, and restaurants. In-store retail shopping has suffered as well, as social distancing became the norm months ago and people spent more time at home. 

But the economic effects of the pandemic also caused a major strain on retail stocks, including (NASDAQ:AMZN), as they were forced to adapt to an influx of online shopping. Even Amazon, with its massive warehouses full of goods and its extensive delivery network, struggled to keep up with demand. The company has since gotten deliveries back on track and is actually thriving during the pandemic. But while COVID-19 hasn’t knocked Amazon off of its footing, lawmakers could. Some elected officials are increasing their scrutiny of Amazon and its peers, and it could eventually result in more antitrust regulations.

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Why antitrust is a risk

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  • October 28, 2020

Tenet is just a pawn in a much bigger game

A new Christopher Nolan film is an “event.” It’s something that gets speculated about years before it’s confirmed. Full articles are written about it even when “nothing else is known” aside from that it’s happening. It gets a Fortnite event. It certainly gets a firm release date.

Had a microscopic virus never mutated into a highly-contagious, deadly, and human-transmissible form, we would all be watching Tenet this evening, on its original release date of July 17. As it happens instead, the movie has warped from being an exciting new puzzle box by the Inception director into being a desperate and absurd example of the flailing of the entertainment industry in the face of the pandemic. More compelling at this point than whatever the movie turns out to be about is how Warner Bros. ends up handling it — a decision that has implications far beyond the film itself.

When the

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Harris Faulkner Gets a Bigger Spotlight at Fox News Channel

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Meghan McCain says one of the biggest lessons in her TV career came when she was working alongside Harris Faulkner in the run up to the 2016 election at Fox News Channel.

A viewer had slipped into her direct messages on Twitter with an unpleasant remark, and McCain, who says she is prone to react to such things, learned a different strategy from Faulkner, with whom she appeared regularly on the  Fox News early-afternoon program “Outnumbered.”  The advice? “You’ve got to give people like that honey,” she recalls. If you’re going to respond, give that person something other than what they served you.

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“I’m very impulsive,” acknowledges McCain, who speaks out regularly on the current panel at ABC’s “The View.” Faulkner, however, “is very cool under pressure,” she says. “She’s still water.”

Harris Faulkner will have reason to maintain her

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