A recent acoustic monitoring survey of the endangered Florida bonneted bat showed that these flying mammals love to hang out at Zoo Miami’s parking lot, even more so than at six bat houses installed inside the zoo. Something about the dark, open area attracts the fast-flying and large bats to […]

MARIETTA, Pa. Her epiphany came in a dark, abandoned building in nowhere Texas. She knew, s she sat alone that night, that she would become “Batwoman.” It’s been 30 years of work now for Rosemarie Curcio, one of only a handful of licensed, bat rehabilitators in the state and possibly […]

While some Fox News personalities have condemned QAnon, the network’s top host went to bat Monday night for the deranged right-wing cult. Tucker Carlson lashed out at the supposed “dictators” trying “to take total control of everything” via online censorship and asserted what was essentially an “enemy of my enemy […]