The Park Hill School District has canceled classes for Tuesday because of a malware attack that took down the district’s critical systems.Classes were also canceled Monday.”Our technology team, with the support of experts, has made good progress on getting our systems back up and running after the malware attack. However, […]

COVINGTON, La. — Some progress has been made after the City of Covington’s computer system was hijack by hackers late last week.  However, it could still be weeks before everything is fully operational. “We should expect a ransom note in order to get our information back to us, they have […]

LGBTQ candidates once again made history in terms of the overall number elected to Congress and state legislatures across the country. However, many of them had to contend with homophobic and transphobic attack ads this election cycle. “There is little doubt that millions of dollars in homophobic and transphobic attacks […]

What an elitist load of claptrap. I’m talking, for those who missed it (lucky them), about Jeremy Clarkson’s embarrassing rant over cruising in a national newspaper last weekend that would have insulted millions, and –frankly – proved he hasn’t got a clue what he is talking about. I make my […]