cescassawin/Getty Admit it. You’ve had it with America. In the last six months, you’ve watched COVID kill 183,000 people and sicken millions more. You’ve watched police murder unarmed civilians and SWAT teams assail peaceful protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas. You’ve watched poverty soar, school shootings continue, the wealth […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican National Convention begged this question: Why are President Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters describing the state of his union as a hellscape? It was perhaps the central paradox for voters wondering what to believe in the rhetoric, because it defied logic to believe it all. […]

Few things are more difficult than getting by on a paycheck that’s just not large enough. Some of America’s hardest-working people are trapped in low-wage jobs and don’t end up seeing a lot of financial return. When you’re earning at or just above the minimum wage, you might find yourself needing […]

For millions of people in the U.S. who use the Chinese app WeChat, it’s a lifeline to friends, family, customers and business contacts in China. That lifeline is now under attack by an executive order from President Donald Trump that could ban the app in the U.S. as early as […]

In some places in the U.S., you can buy a lot of home for $1 million. But in others, you don’t get nearly as much square footage, land or amenities for the money. It all depends on the market. To identify what typical million-dollar homes for sale look like in […]

Powerful tributes to a civil rights icon. Alarming long-term effects of COVID-19. And yes, Election Day is still Nov. 3. It’s Ashley. Let’s talk news. But first, these birds are making people quite emu-tional: An Australian pub has banned emus — yes, the flightless bird — for “bad behavior.” Two […]

American Beauties Whether you’re planning a road trip, cruising toward retirement, choosing colleges, moving for work, or just looking for a change of pace, every state in America has a destination that you’ve heard people rave about. But popular doesn’t equal paradise — for that, you’ll have to dig a little […]

Amazon Studios Eddie Murphy stars in COMING 2 AMERICA Thirty-three years after the original Coming to America film burst on the scene comes the highly-anticipated sequel Coming 2 America, which will be available Friday, March 5 on Amazon Prime. If you have Amazon Prime already, you can watch Coming 2 […]

Getting a new motorcycle model to market is never a quick process, but Harley-Davidson sure took a leisurely route in bringing out its new Pan America 1250 adventure models. First touted in July 2018, and even displayed at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York in December 2019, the […]

© Provided by The Financial Express Harley-Davidson recently announced that it will be unveiling its 2021 product lineup during an online event on 19th January. Along with the motorcycle lineup, there will also be the revealing of new parts and accessories, riding gear, and apparel. Following this, Harley will hold […]

The pandemic has been terrible for numerous industries, and department stores are no exception. Once the main place many Americans did their clothing and other retail shopping, department stores have long been in decline, along with the malls that they anchored. The decline of department stores, which have substantial footprints […]

Photo by iMattSmart on Unsplash In America right now, we’re sort-of attempting to cancel Thanksgiving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s director of preparedness announced at a press conference last week that the organization is “recommending against travel.” The guidelines online provide more nuance than that, outlining various considerations […]