The coronavirus pandemic has made many hotel companies more eager for bookings without online travel agency commissions and with data on who the customers are. Price-comparison websites are a significant source of such bookings, and new tools are making it easier for smaller hoteliers to ramp up their ad purchases […]

LGBTQ candidates once again made history in terms of the overall number elected to Congress and state legislatures across the country. However, many of them had to contend with homophobic and transphobic attack ads this election cycle. “There is little doubt that millions of dollars in homophobic and transphobic attacks […]

In an election year packed with political ads, some TV bits will be hits, while others will miss their mark badly. And during the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Senator Cory Gardner and former Governor John Hickenlooper, there have been for fewer hits than misses. Case in point: the National […]