Innovation is something that Pokémon fans have been requesting for a long time. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild demonstrated what an open-world could do to revitalize a series, and many among the Pokémon faithful have been hoping for a similar revolution for their franchise ever since. Low and behold, at […]

This prestigious property for sale is geographically positioned near Poppi’s historic center, one of the most attractive places of the whole Casentino, Tuscany.The property, formerly an old farm estate, recently subject to a total renovation, led by the current owners, has been transformed into a luxury real estate complex.It is […]

From big banks to Starbucks, American corporations are rolling out initiatives to address racial inequality. JPMorgan Chase has a new $30 billion five-year plan to fund things like affordable housing. IBM has announced a quantum computing outreach to historically Black colleges and universities. Advocates for greater equity welcome the attention, […]