With 2020 drawing to a close, many long-term investors are starting to ask themselves, “what’s next?” That’s because today feels much like the year 2000 — a decade that began with great hopes for tech companies like AOL, Yahoo and Xerox, but ended with a reckoning. In fact, the tech-heavy […]

TipRanks 3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks with Over 7% Dividend Yield It’s been up, up, and away for the markets since the end of September. Both the NASDAQ and S&P 500 are trading within 3% of their recent record high levels, after counting for daily fluctuations. It’s a clear sign of […]

The IPO market is back in the public equity limelight this week, with two listings expected to net over $6 billion from newly debuted shares. Analysts are estimating that DoorDash and Airbnb will be valued at $36B and $42B, respectively. This puts each on track for being some of 2020’s […]

The IPO market is scalding hot as this unprecedented year comes to an end, and investors are thirsty for high-risk, high-return equities. The Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO) has more than tripled since its pandemic bottom, and the recent vaccine announcements adds to the market’s already abundant optimism. It feels like […]