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I agree with state Rep. Jeff Wheeland’s Oct. 27 op-ed (“How to help state deficit and small businesses”) and the idea that skill games can help save the state from a massive deficit. 

I also have to say that a recent letter to the editor (“Games of skill are illegal slots,” Nov. 6) and the overall campaign against skill games have it all wrong, in my view. It is not surprising that the million-dollar entities behind smearing legal skill games have no idea what small businesses in Pennsylvania face — especially now.

As a Latina business owner, legal skill games have helped my business stay open during the pandemic. That has been no small accomplishment, and we are thankful. Our machines are cleaned because of COVID-19 according to guidelines set out by Pennsylvania Skill. We keep an eye on our games to make sure no minors ever play. Locations that run skill games pay taxes and make charitable donations to our community thanks to skill games funds. We run a respected small business, and it is offensive that anyone would suggest otherwise.

As for the lottery, ask any convenience store or establishment that sells lottery tickets and has legal skill games and they will tell you there is no impact. Lottery sales are increasing and, if anything, are complemented by skill games.

We need to support legal skill games. Why would anyone be against small businesses?

Janett Castro


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