June 24, 2021


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See inside the 70’s “time capsule” home that went viral

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – In early December, a home on Parkland Drive went up for sale.

It’s owner, and designer, architect James Sherbondy had the home built in 1975.

And for nearly fifty years, its interior remained untouched – a time capsule for the style of that era.

The images inside, taken by Art Home Photo, quickly went viral, and made national real estate and news outlets across the country.

At the same time, Nathan and Alysha Jackson were considering a move back to Indiana from the Sunshine state.

They fell in love with its character, and made an offer instantly.

“We put in an offer, and by Monday morning it was accepted,” Alysha told us, “I think we just looked at each other and expected to find buyer’s remorse, like ‘what did we just do?’ But we were really just excited.

“It’s really kind of surreal,” Nathan added.

Though they planned to return to the Hoosier state soon, the house was an impulse buy.

For starters, they already own a home in Florida.

And at 2,476 sq. ft. and four bedrooms and three baths, the Parkland Drive property was much bigger than that one.

Shortly after the purchase, they made the move back to Fort Wayne, Nate’s hometown, with their two children, who they adopted during the pandemic.

It’s an adventure the whole family is embarking on.

“With backgrounds in foster care, there’s trauma involved and you really want to be careful with how you deal with change,” Alysha said, “they’re just like heroes. They’re resilient and have just rolled with it.”

One of the features of the home? 

“Everything is carpeted, even the bathroom,” Nathan said.

 “It’s been tough with the 2 and 3-year old having carpet in the kitchen but we’ve been making it work,” Alysha told us.

Like their home, the Jackson’s are also unique.

The former school teachers stepped away from education to pursue online commerce using Amazon.

It’s been very successful for them. 

Now they’re teaching others online how they did it.

They’re lifelong goal? To achieve financial freedom and retiring early by creating passive income.

They’re well on track to make it happen.

They’re now using Instagram and other social media to document their journey to update the home, even building connections with the architect’s son, to make sure they’re changes pay homage to its origins.

They also contacted the photographer, Dustin McKibben, who took the real estate photos, to create a 70’s theme shoot.

Those photos helped grow their Instagram from hundreds of followers to nearly 30,000.

They’ll split their time between Florida and Indiana, renting out either home on Airbnb as part of their passive income plan.

“A lot of times I tell people things are scary for a reason but they usually pay off,” Alysha said.

Nathan added, “Thinking outside the box is such an underrated, underutilized skill that isn’t really taught a lot. And so showing people how to think outside the box, how to live life a little differently? It’s important to us, and a great lesson to show other people.”

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