Pure Pool is bringing smooth 8 ball action to Switch today

Over six years on from its initial launch, Pure Pool is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. This 8 ball adventure is all about chilling out, lining up, and taking on your opponent across a variety of different modes. This version also comes bundled with all the released DLC so far to make a complete experience.

Developer Ripstone Games has gone over exactly what the Switch version will deliver. From a technical standpoint, we’re getting 1080p in docked mode, 720p in handheld. Both modes run at 60 FPS, and going off the provided footage, it all looks very smooth. Pure Pool on Nintendo Switch looks exactly like its PC and console brother.

The game also takes advantage of all the Switch-exclusive features. Ripstone Games says Pure Pool offers the “full range of control options” that Switch supports, which in this case means touchscreen controls, plus “classic twin-stick Joy-Con controls, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and even dual Joy-Con support for multiplayer matches!” The game features both online and local multiplayer as well.

The game consists of a single-player campaign mode, skill-based challenges, customization options, and multiple free mode game types, including American 8 Ball and Killer. Pure Pool releases on Nintendo Switch today, Nov. 17, and we have a review in the works.

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