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A naturist couple who love to travel the world naked have made headlines after sharing their adventures on social media.

Nick and Lins De Corte, a Belgian couple in their 30s, travel naked wherever possible and document their experiences on their blog Naked Wanderings and their Instagram page.

At the beginning of the pandemic, they were stuck in Mexico and, due to the restrictions put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19, they could not get flights back to Europe, CNN reports.

But the couple did not lose heart and tried to find a positive side to their quarantine experience.

Nick said: “We were three months in, I would say, semi-lockdown.”

In their pictures, the couple can often be seen eating or drinking

His partner Lins added: “But it wasn’t that bad. We had a nude beach.”

In the pictures the couple share on their social media profiles, they can be seen eating, drinking, relaxing, meeting friends and going on adventures.

One of their most recent photos shows them holding a glass of wine at a naturist camp site in France.

Another photo shows Lins pointing towards a sign, written in French, which says “here you can eat all naked”.

They regularly share photos of their adventures on their Instagram page

After spending three months in the Mexican area of Zipolite, Oaxaca, during lockdown, Nick and Lins managed to return to Europe in July.

The De Cortes are both from the city of Ghent in Belgium, where they met and got together about 12 years ago.

Nick said: “Quite soon after, we discovered naturism, it was pretty much by coincidence.”

The couple having a drink on one of their trips

The couple went to a spa center in Belgium, where nudity was compulsory.

“We went there, it was a great experience. We went there again and again, and after several times, we started exploring other options – with social nudity, with naturism – and that’s how we discovered naturist clubs, naturist campgrounds, activities, events, and just rolled more and more into naturism,” Nick told CNN Travel.

A few years later, they started their travelling adventure, trying to debunk some myths around naturism too.

Nick and Lins go for a bike ride

Nick said people have many misconceptions about naturism – the main ones being about sex and the other one about naturism being for old people.

He explained two people can be naked together without having any sexual contact – but often people do not think this is possible.

On Instagram, Nick and Lins have more than 28,800 followers.

After they started to document their life and adventures, the couple turned to full-time travel blogging.

But since social media have strict nudity policies, they often need to make sure what they are posting suits the platform’s rules.

They usually crop pictures or place objects in a certain position so that the photos adhere to the online guidelines.

However their original Instagram account was shut last year and they since had to rebuild it from scratch.

“In the beginning people asked us, ‘How are you ever going to find a job again? Your naked butt has been in the newspapers.’ But whatever, if somebody doesn’t want to give us a job just because of that, it’s probably not a company where we want to work,” says Nick.

The couple also said they are now looking at founding a social media platform for naturists.

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