Kayleigh McEnany Is Looking to Parlay Her White House Lies Into Fox News Lies

Kayleigh McEnany only spent nine months as Donald Trump’s White House press secretary but ultimately used what little time she had there restoring dignity and truth to the West Wing briefing room. Just kidding of course. Instead she continued the long tradition of telling blatant lies to the press established by her predecessors Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and snapping at reporters when called out on said lies. Now that her time in the White House has drawn to a close—no thanks to her own efforts attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election—McEnany is looking for employment elsewhere and you might want to sit down before hearing the never-saw-it-coming organization the ex–White House mouthpiece is in talks with. Are you ready? Are you sure? Are you positive? Can you also grab a paper bag in the event you need to blow into it in case you suddenly start hyperventilating from the shock? Okay, here it goes. McEnany may be going to work for…Fox News.

Yes, Fox News! Who could have predicted it other than literally everyone? According to reporters Yashar Ali and Tom Jones, the ex-RNC flack turned Trump campaign spokesperson turned administration fixture is not currently employed by the network at this very moment but, per a source familiar with the discussions, a deal was being negotiated that has momentarily been put “on pause,” with the network still interested in hiring her because it doesn’t “condone cancel culture.” (Every notorious liar who fed the base a pack of lies that led them to storm the Capitol deserves a chance!) News of discussions with Fox News followed a CREW report suggesting a deal was already done, based on McEnany’s financial disclosure form. When and if McEnany and the network make it official it’ll truly be a full circle moment, given that she was hired at the White House not long after appearing on Fox’s business network to claim that the virus that went on to kill 422,000 people in the U.S. and counting would never breach our shores:

Other lies that no doubt have Fox champing at the bit to sign McEnany presumably include the time she claimed Trump never lied to the public about COVID-19 after he was caught on tape doing so:

The time she defended the president’s false claim that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had someone murdered:

Her insistence 200,000 COVID deaths in the U.S. was no big deal:

And her love of false equivalencies, which are of course the network’s bread and butter, second only to unhinged monologues by its marquee hosts:

Hopefully both sides can come to an agreement soon as this will truly be a match made in, if not heaven, then definitely the fiery depths of hell where even Satan is all “Yikes, I want no part of that, no, thank you.”

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