Here’s What The PS5’s UI Looks Like

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Sony released a new trailer today showing off what it will look like to navigate the PS5. In some ways it’s a lot more streamlined, in others though it also looks a lot busier, with lots of extra information to digest depending on what you’re doing.

Take a look:

The PS5 will still have a traditional home screen with a top media bar you navigate to select games and other options. It’s even more minimalist than the existing PS4 home screen, with a bunch more real-estate devoted to blowing up the background art for whichever icon you’re on. There doesn’t seem to be many changes, except for a more robust Explore button that will be filled with news and updates related to PS5 ecosystem.


Screenshot: Sony

Rather the biggest difference between the PS4 and PS5 interface seems to be inside of the games themselves. Instead of navigating directly out of a game back to the home screen, there’s a “control center” overlay that lets you check progress, join parties, and see newsfeeds while playing.

Sony used Sackboy: A Big Adventure. While still in the game you’re able to open up the Control Center and start scrolling right to look at newsfeeds, screenshots, and utilize a new features called “Activities” which gives players a personalized time-estimate for how long it will take them to complete certain parts of a game, with some games even letting you jump around between objectives directly from the Control Center menu.


Screenshot: Sony

The Activities list will also include hints, ranging from short blurbs to videos that will seemingly provide clues for how to progress in a game without needing to search online or risk spoilers. It’s unclear how much flexibility developers will have on whether they make full use of this sort of check-list approach segmenting out a game, but for things like Sackboy it’s easy to see how it can streamline trying to get trophies and hit 100% completion.

The trailer also showed off how the overlay makes it possible to join party chats by tapping a notification, as well as view friends’ shared screens, without ever leaving the game. One neat feature is that developers have the option to insert spoiler warnings if you’ve taken a screenshot of one part of a game and share it with a PSN friend who hasn’t yet gotten there.

Despite being about 11 minutes long, the UI demo still leaves a lot of the more granular questions unanswered. It did give a sense of just how snappy the menus will be though. At one point it showed switching from Sackboy to Destruction All-Stars by clicking a notification to join the game from a party invite. Ten seconds later the game’s main menu was open.

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