Have Cat, Will Travel! Top Tips for Hotel Stays with Fluffy

While most pet travelers are typically dogs, there is an increasing number of road trippers of the feline persuasion packing up and adventuring with their people. Staying at pet-friendly hotels is clearly an essential part of the trip — and it’s the number one issue that concerns cat parents. Clearly, there are some unique nuances when staying in pet-friendly hotels with cats versus dogs.

Once you’ve booked your pet-friendly hotel, you need to think about the best ways to ensure your little kitty is going to be happy and safe during her stay.  And, in turn, will allow you both to have an enjoyable trip.  Here are our top tips for staying at a hotel with your cat.

1. Sweep the room

Once you get to your hotel room, do a sweep of the entire room. Be on the lookout for anything that may be dangerous for your cat. Open windows, debris or chemicals on the floor, and enticing dangling objects are just some of the things to beware of and fix.  Take care of the areas that may be a potential “issue” and alert the front desk of any other dangers that you are not able to remedy.

2. Don’t rush the kitty cat

Once the coast is clear, be sure to let your cat come out of her travel carrier at her own pace.  Allow Fluffy to step out and explore when she feels ready.  It might take awhile, so pack your patience!

3. Home away from home

Bring things from home that will make your cat feel more comfortable in the hotel room. Kitty toys and blankets that have her scent are great to start. This will remind her of home and help her feel more at ease.

4. A safe place

Leave the door to your cat’s carrier open – so that she can go in and out at her leisure. This will give her a safe and familiar place to curl up and retreat if she gets anxious.

5. Play time

Exercise and play time are always great ways to relax and de-stress – for our pets and us!  Make sure you take some time to play with your cat in the hotel room. This will help her associate the room with “feel-good” moments, and it will also help to tucker her out so she can chillax.

6. Potty time

Setting up your cat’s litter box right away is essential. We recommend that you set it up in the bathroom, as bathroom floors are typically tile and clean up is much easier.  Be sure to clean the litter box frequently, as well as any “collateral damage”, so you don’t have any issues with housekeeping.

7. Time to eat

It’s important to stick with your pet’s regular eating schedule.  Maintaining as much of a normal routine as possible is highly recommended when traveling with your furkid. And, as an aside, bring more than enough of her regular kibble.  You don’t want to run out and get stuck buying a different brand, since a road trip is definitely not the time to introduce a new food.  Also, be sure to keep a bowl of fresh water available for your cat. Tap water at some hotels is not always the best for drinking, and this can be problematic for some cats.  Bringing along some bottled water from home is recommended.

8. Leaving kitty alone?

Cats are generally very independent. But, they too can get “unhappy” if left alone in a new place. In fact, some hotels do not allow it.  If it is allowed and you must leave your cat alone in the room, be sure to alert the front desk and place the “do not disturb” sign on your door.

For your cat’s safety and well-being, we recommend that she goes in her travel carrier while you are gone. If you’re concerned about your furkid being anxious, try turning on the TV or perhaps some calming music. Some pet parents bring along a Pet Cam so they can monitor their little one while they are out and about. You might want to try this, as it goes a long way in giving pet parents peace of mind.

You can find and pet-friendly hotels at TripsWithPets.com. Safe Travels!  Meow.

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