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Lisa Andre

That’s right, everyone, 4-H is back and better than ever in this strange time of COVID-19.

4-H Lucky Clover Club had its first meeting in September that was conducted from the comfort of our own homes instead of in person at the Grange Hall in Los Olivos.

At the beginning of every month, we will begin having our club meetings, which our hard-working student leadership team plans beforehand. We log onto Zoom all ready to get down to business.

So far, we have attended two virtual all-club meetings, and they have been more or less a success. Because, of course, with poor Wi-Fi connection, there will be awkward pauses. But the main thing is that everybody is once again back together.

Speaking of being back together, there have been some changes made to our leadership team, which takes place every year as the old officers ride off into the sunset and new officers take the reins.

Some roles that have to be filled in order for our club to function properly on this leadership team are reporter, which I have been elected as, treasurer, secretary, vice president, president, etc. The real star of the show is our president, and I was so excited to speak with her and get her perspective on 4-H, why she loves it so much, and how she plans to make this year fun and engaging even with the restrictions 2020 has impressed upon us.

Seventeen-year-old Emma Bishop has been elected as the new president of our Lucky Clover 4-H club. She has been in 4-H for nine years and has shown animals such as goats and poultry. Emma has taken part in many club projects, some being cake decorating, gardening and public speaking.

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