Donald Trump faces avalanche of legal cases as he becomes private citizen

“One way to do this would be for the DA (district attorney) to gather a strong case and have it filed by federal prosecutors in federal court, where the law is much more favourable to the government than it is in New York state court,” he told The Telegraph.

“Tax fraud cases are pretty hard to bring. It’s not enough to just show that someone should have paid additional taxes and they didn’t. They have to have consciously chosen to mislead the tax authorities with the intention of paying less than they would have otherwise have owed. 

“This is difficult to do with a CEO, a businessman who is surrounded by lawyers and accountants,” Mr Alonso said. “It’s very hard to prove.”

One alternative, assuming the evidence supports it, he offered, would be to charge the Trump Organisation, rather than the former president himself. “A corporate prosecution is certainly a possibility here, which would not make Trump particularly happy but he would not be in personal jeopardy.”

While he is being aggressively pursued in his former hometown of New York, Mr Trump is also being sued in Maryland and DC over the so-called emoluments clause. This action was launched back in 2017, alleging that he was violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution by profiting from foreign governments’ spending in his Trump Hotel in downtown Washington.

Here, Mr Trump faces the risk of millions of dollars in fines or a criminal prosecution that could send him to prison.

Trump Tower

Mr Trump also still faces a lawsuit stemming from a 2015 altercation between security guards and a group of protesters.

The lawsuit was brought by a group of men who protested outside Trump Tower in New York before he became president.

They alleged that the security guards shoved them and destroyed their signs and that Trump’s head of security punched one of them in the head while another attempted to choke a protester, The Washington Post reported. 

In September 2019, a federal judge ordered Trump to testify in the case, though another judge issued a temporary stay against the order, 

It’s a family affair

Then there are the multiple civil lawsuits stalking the former president.

Mary Trump, Mr Trump’s niece, who wrote a scathing bestseller documenting deep family dysfunction, has sued her uncle and two of his siblings, alleging they defrauded her out of tens of millions decades ago by manipulating the value of properties and lying to her about the worth of her inheritance.

The lawsuit, filed in September in New York Supreme Court, accuses Mary Trump’s uncles, Donald and Robert, and aunt Maryanne Trump Barry, of pretending they would guard her assets that she inherited after her father died, only to bully and take advantage of her during estate settlement negotiations.

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