Clever ways to upcycle baby clothes

Parents always have that one baby outfit they just can’t get enough of. But as much as you love that adorable onesie, your baby is going to grow out of it before you know it.

So what are you supposed to do? Donating baby clothes is always a good option, and so is passing them along to a family member or friend who is expecting. But if a few outfits are too meaningful to give away, consider doing one of the following DIY projects to upcycle baby clothes into adorable pieces you can keep forever.

Make a quilt

For parents who knit or sew, this is a great way to turn your favorite baby clothes into a cozy keepsake that your child can cuddle with for years. If you’re not a knitter but want to learn how, there are plenty of memory blanket tutorials available online. If you don’t knit or sew and don’t want to learn how, you can always commission a professional quilter.

Make some wall art

Grab some fabric glue and embrace your inner artist! Use scissors to cut fun shapes from the fabric, and glue them onto a large canvas. It’s a great way to preserve your favorite designs, while also adding a fun conversation starter to your nursery decor.

Make a stuffed animal

Your kids might outgrow clothes very quickly, but they won’t be outgrowing their favorite stuffie any time soon. Turning old onesies into stuffed animals isn’t as hard as it sounds. All it takes is some basic sewing skills, baby clothes and a soft filling to put inside, and your baby will have a new best friend who just so happens to have a similar sense of style.

Frame it

If there’s one outfit you just REALLY love and don’t want to see it repurposed, consider framing it as is and hanging it up in your home! Your baby might not be able to wear that outfit anymore, but that doesn’t mean your wall can’t wear it forever!

Make an activity book 

For parents who are feeling especially crafty, creating a book from old baby clothes is a great way for you to hold on to those adorable outfits while also helping your little one practice using zippers, buttons and buckles. With this DIY project, everybody wins!

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