Bolt adds zero emission, no cost travel option: Walking

If you didn’t know, it’s Zero Emissions Day today. ZeDay is a day dedicated to raising awareness about the impact we have on the world in terms of burning fossil fuels, creating emissions, and contributing to the climate crisis.

As part of an attempt to drive awareness of the cause among its users, Estonian ride-hailing app Bolt has added an emission free, no cost option to its service. It’s called walking.

The app’s co-founder Martin Villig took to Twitter earlier today to tout the news.

It seems that users are able to select the option to walk, instead of taking a conventional Bolt taxi, when booking a ride on the app.

Of course, it’s all a bit of fun and games designed to raise awareness of ZeDay, and yes, it’s debatable how much impact this will have, and yes, Bolt’s business is inherently emission creating, but it does make a point.

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Perhaps this “joke” could become a legitimate feature of apps like Bolt to make people aware that they can still use their legs to get places. During busy times, or when a person’s journey isn’t actually that long, walking could be the healthier, and obviously the more environmentally friendly, method of transport.

Let’s all get onboard with the idea and make “walking-as-a-Service” an actual thing this Zero Emissions Day.

Next time you’re booking a Bolt, Uber, or Lyft, or even plan on getting the metro, tram, tube, train, or bus just a mile across town, think of the environment and use your legs.

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