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On October 14th, at 1 pm EST, Rob Booker and Lou Basenese’s Back to Your Financial Future event is set to take place that will share four simple moves that could rewrite the future of finance for your family’s fortunes. The upcoming webinar that will reveal investment tricks that users can use to make millions of dollars for their savings accounts. Users are given the  chance to sign up for a unique subscription-based service  called Micro-Cap Advantage for continued recommendations from two of America’s most trusted financial gurus in 2020.

Given the central theme of Rob and Lou’s magical DeLorean time machine adventure, many wonder what exactly is Back to Your Financial Future? In short, it gives individuals an edge over others and a chance to earn a little extra money, even if they are already well off. So much could be done with a little extra in a bank account or wallet, but where could it go? Some people would choose a vacation, while others would much rather prepare for retirement. As fun as a hypothetical question of riches may be, most people don’t take a moment to consider it seriously without the odds of it becoming a reality. With the  Back to Your Financial Future webinar, the question may not remain theoretical.

What is Back To Your Financial Future?

Referred to as “two of America’s most trusted financial gurus,” Rob Booker and Lou Basense plan to reveal a secret that would’ve made someone over $1.1 million on a single investment. However, the October 14th program isn’t just about the “might’ve been.” Instead, Rob and Lou explain how this secret can apply to an investment today to see the same outcome. The investment consists of four moves that the user has to make to see their bank account rise to over a million dollars in less than a year.

Rob has been involved in trading for over two decades, specializing in investments in the forex markets. Author of ‘Adventures of a Currency Trader’ and ‘Trading by Faith,’ he hosts a podcast that exposes different techniques that the average investor can incorporate. While Rob has been working on his own foreign investments, Lou has focused on traditional trading methods through Morgan Stanley. Lou has also played a pivotal role in raising venture capital funding for companies in Silicon Valley. He’s been featured as a consultant to predict many markets’ financial future on well-known publications and news segments like Fox Business, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal.

The website for this upcoming event isn’t short on recommendations from other people who have learned from what Rob and Lou offered in the past. In fact, all of them rave about how successful they were when they took on these trades themselves. However, the nature of the trades or even the type of investment vehicle is not actually outlined. Instead, the creators state that they have used an 81-year-old “little-known stock-market secret.”

The Back to Your Financial Future event is free to attend, but making money will likely require an initial investment, and the process can be done with any brokerage account. There’s no day trading, forex trading, options trading, or any of the more traditional methods, but it is based on a system that is described in a digital guide from Lou called Future Millionaire’s Playbook.

The user will need to participate in five changes to their current situation, which Lou vouches for by saying that he’s personally used the methods. In fact, with the five “plays” that he talks about, Lou says that he’s already dedicated $200,000 to show how serious he is about what he says. The whole process surrounds the use of a “micro-cap stock” that is put through a five-step process to find the best plays.

Individuals will even learn what they need to do to “filter” out the bad plays versus the successful micro-cap investments, which include:

  • Finding stocks that have less than $500 million in market capitalization (since these stocks are often overlooked by individuals who invest)
  • Seeking out stocks with a likelihood of a 1,000% investment (which maxes out the returns)
  • Maintaining minor risks (based on analysis, technical factors, and resistance)
  • Seeking out micro-cap stocks with fresh capital (indicating which stocks are supported separately from Wall Street)
  • Finding the opportunities with a catalyst (like a company that will soon get FDA approval for a drug or a tech company with an upcoming innovation)

All of these details can be expanded upon during the webinar, but users will need to  register to attend. Both Rob and Lou have already picked out many stocks, including a biotech company that was recently bought out, a stock that may cure diabetes, and a company with over 200 5G technology patents. As a way to entice more attendees, these stocks won’t be revealed to anyone that doesn’t register for the event.

When is the Back to Your Financial Future Webinar?

Consumers will learn how to take their financial portfolio to the next level on October 14th at 1:00 pm. The event is entirely online, so users will get the best seat in the house wherever they are. The hosts will go over what individuals who invest need to know to turn their small investment into one that is worth millions, and attendance is completely free.

Signing Up

To sign up and reserve for a place, consumers will have to  enter their email address on the official website. After submitting their email address, the user will be taken to a second page to add their phone number. Adding their phone number will make them a VIP at the event and enroll them in a text messaging subscription from Crowdability.

What’s Next?

Even though the event is free to attend, what comes next is not. Individuals are presented with an opportunity to sign up for a program called Micro-Cap Advantage. Rob Booker and Lou Basenese’s Back To Your Financial Future event will share all of the details about the Micro Cap Advantage program and the subscription-based monthly newsletter service that costs $1,495 each year, offering multiple bonuses too. Those bonuses include:

  • An e-book called Top 5 Future Millionaire Stocks for 2021
  • A digital report called the 3 Pillars to Safely Making a Fortune in Micro-Caps
  • A special strategy called How to Instantly Boost your Micro-Cap Advantage Profits by 37%

In addition to the subscription, consumers will get a free book on making serious profits by taking $500 to invest. The digital book – The Future Millionaire’s Playbook: 2021 Edition – is only available with the subscription service.

What To Do Next

For individuals that are still unsure about their decision, the customer service team is available by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 931-246-6599. However, users can also sign up for the webinar to see what’s in store.

There is no doubt when a central theme is about going ‘Back To Your Financial Future’, coupled with the fireworks that Rob Booker and Lou Basenese bring to the table, that this is a must-see event for anyone interested in learning how to successfully rewrite their futures. As a risk-free option to watch and learn upfront, viewers will know why the Back to Your Financial Future webinar is a smart choice to reserve your seat now to see what Rob and Lou’s Micro-Cap Advantage is all about in times of paramount uncertainty. A little clarity can give individuals the edge they need to perform at the highest levels of the game, and there is something to be said for those who a) follow the right people and b) act on the right information.

Click here to watch Lou Basenese and Rob Booker’s Back To Your Financial Future event today.


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