Are Andrew and Amira Still Together?

Are Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa still together? The 90 Day Fiancé couple faced obstacle after obstacle in their love story on season 8 and it seems their relationship may not make it through.

Amira, 28, and Andrew, 32, met online and started dating long-distance. The couple met in-person for the first time during a trip to Las Vegas, where Andrew proposed. Shortly after, her K-1 visa (which would allow her to travel to America as Andrew’s fiancée) was approved in March 2020, the U.S. placed a travel ban against European countries — including her native France — at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

On the TLC series, a scene aired in December 2020 that showed Andrew explaining to his mother that he had found a “loophole” in the travel ban via an online message board for other K-1 visa couples affected by the pandemic. It appeared the Northern California native was the one who insisted that Amira fly into Mexico, where he would meet her so they could self-quarantine together for 14 days before traveling to America at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Shortly after the scene aired, the daycare owner took to Instagram to accuse the production company, Sharp Entertainment, of “frankenbiting” — which is when producers on a reality show tries to “improve” a story line by using “highly selective editing” to fit with a specific narrative.

Andrew quickly got tons of backlash online after Amira was detained by authorities in Mexico upon her arrival. Not only did fans think he was the one who “pressured” Amira into agreeing to the plan, but because fans felt he didn’t do enough to help her once he learned she was detained by making phone calls from his resort room.

“So this dude Andrew hasn’t gone to Mexico City yet to check on his girl. Wtffff #90dayfiance,” one fan tweeted. Another added, “Someone at the hotel could help translate, usually they speak English at hotels … Andrew, ask someone at the hotel for some assistance, for the love of Amira, my God, do something! #90DayFiance.”

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Courtesy of Amira Lollysa/Instagram

On Tuesday, January 12, Andrew took to his Instagram Story to share alleged WhatsApp text messages with Amira that seemingly showed her taking initiative to book her flight to Mexico and make the decision to attempt the “loophole.”

“Here is the truth: Amira was the one to make the decision, she was on the forum, she booked her ticket, chose the date, and much more! Want to see something interesting? Ask for her detention paperwork?” Andrew claimed. “Choose who you want to believe — I’ve shown you actual evidence in these texts, and it’s laughable if you just want to ignore what is written on an official government document. My integrity is worth way more than a silly TV show. No need for fame, lip fillers, or filters here. Y’all never met a real one like me.”

Andrew went on to seemingly drag Amira, which is why fans are speculating the couple is no longer together. “Or you can believe a fame-hungry liar who has every reason to be in lockstep to achieve that fame,” he added. “All I ever did was support someone else’s dream!! My presence on your screen is even further proof of that. I honestly never needed or wanted this show haha [four laughing with tears emojis]. Keep that in mind when you decide who you believe.”

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