8 countries you can still travel to right now

Will you ever be able to travel again, or is it not safe to do so? The pandemic has caused turmoil in the travel industry with little indication of bouncing back any time soon.

Americans have been working from home and avoiding going out to keep themselves and others safe. But, now that time has passed, people feel cooped up and want to start enjoying their lives again.

Demand for RVs and campers has boomed in 2020 as Americans adapt to a new way of life, but there are still countries allowing United States travelers to enter. You don’t have to completely sacrifice your time off from work if you do the necessary research to start traveling safely. Some countries are completely open, while others have restrictions. 

If you’re looking for a vacation getaway from previously popular places, here are the countries you can consider traveling to right now without crazy restrictions in place.

1. Mexico

The most recent update states that borders between Mexico and the United States will remain closed through October 21, 2020. However, Americans can still fly to Mexico to enjoy a vacation away from home. Mexico does not require any testing to be done, but they may require you to go through temperature checks during your trip.

2. Dominican Republic

If you want to enjoy the tropical beaches and wildlife in the Dominican Republic, you do not have to produce a negative COVID-19 test upon your arrival. However, you will need to sign an affidavit. You can also expect authorities there to enforce breath tests to 10% of random passengers and anyone illustrating symptoms.

3. Bermuda

Bermuda’s restrictions are strict but still doable if you’d like to travel there. First, you must apply for their travel authorization at a rate of $75 per adult and $30 per child aged nine and under. When you get there, you’ll need to give them a negative COVID test as well as submit to another one. While you wait for the results, you’ll need to quarantine. You’ll also need to go through this after day three, seven, and fourteen as well.

4. Jamaica

Before traveling to Jamaica, you will need to complete a travel authorization online and upload a negative COVID-19 test that was completed less than ten days before arrival for anyone 12 years and older. You’ll need to understand that you could be tested upon entering the country.

5. Turks and Caicos

The restrictions in Turks and Caicos are more relaxed than in other places. As long as you submit a negative COVID-19 test from within five days of your arrival, complete an online questionnaire, and carry travel medical insurance, you can travel there. 

6. Brazil

To enjoy the beautiful country of Brazil, you won’t need to go through many steps to be allowed to travel there. The only thing you need is health insurance that will cover you for COVID while you are traveling. Even though there are not extensive restrictions in place, you should still assess your health before traveling to keep everyone safe.

7. Ireland

While Americans are not banned from visiting Ireland, there are restrictions in place to make doing so difficult. Once you’re in the country, you must quarantine for 14 days before enjoying your vacation and fill out a passenger locator form. This may only be a viable option for those who are looking to do long-term travel rather than a quick week-long vacation.

8. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a wonderful vacation spot for those who are willing to follow the guidelines currently in place. You must provide a negative COVID test taken within seven days of your arrival, fill out a printed copy of their traveler registration form, and commit to staying at a COVID-certified property for the duration of your stay. You may not leave the property at all unless your hotel has scheduled an approved excursion.

Keep updated on the latest guidance to travel safely

Just make sure that you are still taking safety and health precautions as you travel through highly populated areas like airports and enter new countries in which you are unsure of the state of COVID.

It is also advised that you consult the travel advisory website of the country you are going to and the CDC’s latest guidance, especially if you are traveling internationally.

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