55 cheap, clever products social media is obsessed with

Have you ever tapped the collective brain of humans on the internet before going shopping? It seems like there’s an army of social media influencers trying (and recommending) products that everyone else has to pay for. That’s OK, though, because I know the products they’re promoting are highly praised. And when I buy them, I no longer have to do the returns on gear that didn’t match the hype or spend my own hard-earned on junk that isn’t worth it. That’s the beauty of cheap, clever Amazon products that social media is obsessed with. They’re popular and usually worth spending money on.

I mean, let’s face the facts: These social media sharers have seemingly tried everything. They’ve unearthed products that do everything from reminding me to drink more water to defogging my glasses while wearing a mask. Sometimes, they even promote creative things like egg white separators for the kitchen. And when a handful of social media users become legitimately enamored with something, it’s usually because it’s affordable, brilliant, and solves some sort of problem. To make finding the next awesome thing easier, I rounded up products that people online can’t get enough of. What’s cool is that they’re all pretty cheap, too.

1. This high-tech smartwatch that’s less than $40

This smart watch is less than $40, but it has an Apple Watch-like touch screen and tracks steps, distance, sleep, and more. It has a 10-day battery life and alerts you for calls, messages, and other phone notifications. Plus, it comes in six colors.

2. A water bottle that cheers you on as you hydrate

There’s no question that staying hydrated works wonders on your mood and health — but it’s hard to remember to drink enough water all day. This huge water bottle holds a full gallon of water and has inspirational markers that keep track for you, delivering the right amount of water for constant hydration. Just follow the schedule printed right on the side and soak in the motivational messages. Then, you’ll stay hydrated. It’s leak-proof and has its own straw, too.

3. The clever accessory that your phone into a lamp

You’re already in the habit of using your phone’s flashlight in a pinch, right? What if that pinch required ambient light, though — and not the harsh, pointy kind? Strap this phone lampshade onto your device and diffuse it the glow. It’s great to have on hand for power outages and picnics after dark.

4. These fitness bands so you can work out anywhere

This set of fitness bands is affordable, useful, and portable. Whether you’re building a home gym or searching for a workout you can take with you when you travel, this five-band set — with color-coded resistance levels — is a great choice. It even comes with a carrying bag and an illustrated exercise guide.

5. This set of webcam covers so you can keep your privacy

Whether you’ve just finished up a video call or not, you can be absolutely certain that you’re alone if you slide the cover of one of these webcam privacy shields closed. Each one in this five-pack attaches easily — just peel and stick — and is super easy to open again when you want to attend a Zoom meeting.

6. A bike light that’s waterproof & easy to install

If you bike after dark, having a light is useful. This one is an easy choice. It’s a bright LED that’s waterproof, indestructible, and easy to install. Plus, it comes with a flash for safety. You can remove the light from the mount and use it as a flashlight, too. Over 11,000 people love it for its ease of use and versatility.

7. These slick wheel lights that make your bike awesome (and bright)

Your bike will never be accused of being boring with these LED lights installed into the wheels. You’ll be a lot more visible riding it, too, since the lights make you stand out. Choose the color that moves you, install them using the included silicone bands, and ride! The battery pack — which includes three AAA batteries — is compact and fits into your wheels so there’s almost no maintenance.

8. These soap sheets you can keep in your pocket

Want to travel with your own soap? Each of these thin sheets of bar soap is perfect for one hand wash. And the travel cases — there are four in one pack — hold 50 sheets each. (FYI, that’s 200 hand washes with one purchase.) Just pull out a sheet, wet your hands, and cleanse. The soap is mild and lightly scented.

9. This “Museum Gel” that keeps your valuables secure

When the cat knocks over a plant or something precious, it’s usually a mess. This clear adhesive will help secure your delicate valuables so clumsy paws won’t get into trouble. It’s also great for securing your displays if you live in earthquake country. Just put a dot on the bottom of the plant or display item and stick it to the shelf. It removes easily if you change your mind.

10. The keyboard that turns you phone or tablet into a work machine

How much work do you get done on your phone or tablet? Plenty, I’ll bet — but how much more would you get done if it had a full-sized keyboard? This slick keyboard connects via Bluetooth, is small enough to pack along, and has a handy stand to hold your phone. It uses two AAA batteries which last months.

11. A spray-on cure for fogged glasses

If you wear glasses, donning a face mask renders you instantly (and almost completely) blind. That’s because the glasses typically fog up easily. This spray-on anti-fogging solution will fix that. Just spritz it on and wipe it off. Keep it handy for colleagues and friends who are experiencing the same thing. It works on your bathroom mirror and snorkeling mask, too.

12. This tennis trainer so you can practice at home

Need a fun home workout? Fill the base of this tennis trainer with water or sand. Attach a tennis ball. Serve, and hit. You can practice your tennis game all day long at home while getting a workout. There’s no need to track down a partner with skills to match yours, either, and you’ll never have to chase balls all over the yard or neighborhood.

13. The portable sealer to close your unfinished chip bags with

Apparently, feebly rolling the chip bag closed and enduring stale chips during round is no longer necessary. Hang this bag sealer anywhere in the kitchen and you’ll be ready to close up that chip bag, cereal bag, or whatever it is you opened without wasting another container. It heats up and gently melts the packaging back to its unopened state. It has a cutter to open the bag, too.

14. A genius solution for your sink clutter

Clip this clever caddy to your faucet post and keep the sponges, brushes, and soaps handy (and off the counter). If you have a tall facet, it’ll work as well in the kitchen as it does in the bathroom. It’s six inches deep, so it can hold lots of gear. There’s a hook on the end for towel or razor, and it comes with two free sponges.

15. An extra-soft toothbrush that’s gentle on your gums

A soft toothbrush is usually best, and this toothbrush takes “soft” to new levels. It has over 20,000 fine bristles that make it super gentle and effective while cleaning your teeth and gums. (Apparently, the bristles really get in between teeth for a floss-like experience.) Reviewers have written that it’s like having their teeth polished — and one pack comes with two brushes.

16. This shower head filter that infuses the water with vitamin C

This shower head filters out chlorine, chloramine, sediments, fluoride, iron, rust, chrome, and other heavy metals before you douse yourself with all of that yuck. Plus, it features a vitamin C cartridge that helps filter the water as it flows. Reviewers have even written that the water pressure is terrific.

17. The roll-up dish drainer that’ll make you love your small kitchen

This draining rack fits over the sink, therefore creating more counter space in your kitchen. It can be rolled up when you’re done with it and fits neatly into a drawer, leaving your counters free. It’s also a multitasker: Need a place to put hot pans? How about a rack for cooling cookies? This will do all of that. It’s even a handy way to wash fruits and vegetables.

18. This clever trick for folding T-shirts into organized piles

There are lots of tricks to folding shirts so neatly that you can make a perfect stack of them. But you don’t need to know any of those if you have this shirt-folding board. Just set the shirt on top and fold the board in three steps. Then, a perfectly folded tee will come off of it.

19. A container that dispenses soap directly into your sponge

You can get rid of that bottle of dish soap and the damp sponge on the counter and replace them with this sponge pump. The soap goes in the bottom and the sponge goes on top. Pump a couple of times to load the sponge with soap. After that, set the sponge back on top to dry it off. Where exactly has this thing been all our lives?

20. This genius spray that leaves the bathroom smelling fresh

Need to go? Want to go unnoticed? This spray is the secret to leaving the bathroom smelling fresh. Spray some in the bowl, and then go. The scent left behind will be contained below the barrier the Poo-Pourre created on the surface of the water. The only detectable odor in the bathroom will be a hint of lavender and vanilla essential oils.

21. A lavender-scented gel that can clean tight spaces in your car

There’s no need to spend your precious time detailing your car. Just keep some of this blue gel on hand and squish some of it into the nooks and crannies (and even the cup holder) once in a while. It’ll grab the dust, debris, and detritus and hold onto it. The gel is fun to work with and gets the job done fast. It also smells like lavender.

22. An easy trick to getting corn off the cob

All those recipes that call for corn kernels are so much better with fresh corn, but getting the kernels off the cob is such an annoying task that it’s tempting to open a can. This simple corn stripper makes fast work of that task, because there’s a stainless still blade inside the handle. Just run the cob through it and it’ll neatly pull off all the kernels.

23. This kit that helps clean your ears with vibrations

This earwax cleaner uses acoustic vibrations and a selection of ear silicone spoon tips to help remove wax buildup. Pick the tip that’s the most comfortable, turn the vibrations on, and gently remove the wax. There’s even a built-in LED light to help light the way as you clean, and it runs on one AAA battery that isn’t included.

24. A cute hen that separates the egg yolk from the white

Yes, there are brilliant chefs who can separate the yolk from the white using only an eggshell and some clever maneuvers. However, this hen works just as well. Break one or two eggs into the opening and pour the whites out, leaving the yolks behind.

25. This brilliant tool for dispensing pancake batter without a mess

Mix your batter right into this measuring container (cups, milliliters, and ounces are printed clearly on the side for quick mixing). Then, when you’re ready to cook, pull the release handle and let the batter pour out the bottom. Let go of the handle to stop the flow. It works with gravity instead of against it, so you can neatly drop pancake batter — or whatever you are making — onto the grill or pan below.

26. A multitool that fits in the slimmest wallets

This multitool is the same size as a credit card. But somehow, it’s a bottle opener, a box opener, a can opener, four screwdrivers, a fruit peeler, several hex wrenches, a cell phone stand, and some other things. It may not be your first choice for some of those tools, but it’s certainly convenient.

27. The coffee pen that lets you make designs on your lattes

Are you paying a tiny fortune for the pleasure of a drinking a foamy coffee with a heart on it? You can do that yourself with this spice pen. Load it with cinnamon — or your favorite spice — and draw designs right onto your coffee foam, cupcake, or anywhere.

28. A clever trick for never losing your keys

Attach this smart Tile tracker to your keys, luggage, or anything else you want to keep track of it — and then connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. When you can’t find your belonging that’s attached to the Tile, ask your phone where it is. As long as it’s within 200 feet — the range of connection — it’ll sound an alarm on the tracker and shoe its location on your screen. At greater distances, you can see where they were last located and tap into the Tile network of users to help you track them down.

29. This flexible cell phone holder that’s like an extra arm

This may be the most unique phone holder ever, but it’s so versatile that I’m sure you’ll want to use it. Shape the flexible gooseneck however you’d like — and then stand it on the counter with your phone at the perfect height for viewing recipes. Wear it around your neck when your hands are full. Use it as a tripod for photos. The clamp end adjusts to hold just about any device.

30. A tiny, handheld sewing machine for quick fabric fixes

You know what never has to annoy you again? Putting on a pair of pants and discovering the hem is falling down. Just get out this handheld sewing machine, fix it, and get on with your life. It’s powered by batteries and easy to use. (There’s also an optional power adapter.) It can handle all kinds of fabrics and be used wherever you need it — and it’s small enough to be kept in a drawer.

31. A tiny drawer you can put underneath any surface

Do you wish there was a drawer under your desk to keep a few sticky notes and a pair of scissors? How about a drawer under the coffee table for the remote? Well, you can stick this secret drawer anywhere — and it’s just big enough for those few essentials you want to keep within reach. It’s an easy peel-and-stick installation, and it removes just as easily.

32. This anti-theft travel backpack with tons of cool features

This lockable, anti-theft travel backpack isn’t expensive — but you’d think it would be, given all its features. There’s a charging port to keep your gear powered. It’s loaded with interior organization pockets. There’s an exterior pocket that’s perfect for a water bottle, along with a padded sleeve for a 15-inch laptop. And, there’s even a sleeve that slides over the handle of your suitcase.

33. These prism glasses so you can lie down while you read

These glasses take relaxation to new extremes. If you’re too tired to sit up while starting at your phone, watching TV, or reading a book, put these on and let the prism do all the work. They’ll reflect your book or screen at an angle so you can read while lying flat.

34. A tiny dust buster designed to clean your keyboards

This mini vacuum is the perfect solution for keeping your desk — or a kitchen counter — clean. It’s small and has a brush extension that gets right into tiny spaces. Plus, it charges via USB. At only 10 inches long, you can keep it in a desk drawer and clean up without interrupting your work flow.

35. The silicone popcorn maker that’s collapsible for easy storage

This simple container makes delicious popcorn in a BPA-free silicone bowl that’s collapsible for simply storage. Put kernels in it, add oil (or not), and then put it in the microwave. After you’re done snacking, put the HotPop in the dishwasher and fold it down until you’re hungry again.

36. These blue light-blocking glasses for hours at the computer

Blue light emitted from tech screens could be making you blue — even if you can’t see it. These glasses can help block that blue spectrum. They’re like sunglasses that you can wear to work in front of your computer or phone, and this set comes with three that each have different frames.

37. This hand warmer that can also charge your phone

This is the perfect backup battery charger for winter, because it’s also a hand warmer. Keep it in your pocket on one of its three heat settings to keep your fingers cozy no matter what the weather is doing. And when your phone battery runs out, plug it into the USB port to charge it up again. It comes with a carrying bag, a wrist strap, and charging cable.

38. These reusable paper towels made cellulose & cotton

Each one of these futuristic cleaning cloths are somewhere between a sponge and a paper towel. They’re made with cellulose and cotton, so they’re super absorbent. Plus, you can throw them in the wash or dishwasher to refresh them after 50 uses. Each pack comes with 10 cloths.

39. A tool that’ll help you make evenly sized meatballs fast

This meatball mold lets you make a giant batch of meatballs super fast without getting your own hands covered in meat and spices. Add two pounds of meatball mix into the spaces, add the lid to further separate the meat, and then open it up to 32 perfectly sized meatballs that are ready to cook. It’s also great for making falafel.

40. This ice maker that doubles an an ice bucket

This ice genie is a cleverly engineered solution to your ice-making challenges. Put water in the outer container and then snap the inner container in. Then, put the whole thing in the freezer. It’ll create 24 ice cubes in the outer container. Pop those out and store them in the inner container — and repeat. It’s like a manual ice cube machine that’s much easier to deal with and store than ice cube trays.

41. This handheld butter cutter that makes the perfect pat of butter

Place a stick of butter into this clever butter-cutting device, and it will change the way you prepare meals. Just squeeze the gadget to click out the perfect pat of butter. Click again to get two. Not only does it make buttering your toast super simple, but it also makes measuring butter an easy task.

42. These headphones that double as a padded eye mask

Loud neighbors, lights you can’t completely eliminate, and tension can all get in the way of sleep. This mask solves all of those problems. It blocks the light while cushioning your eyes in memory foam. Not to mention, the built-in headphones give you something calming to listen to. Just connect them to your phone and choose a book, white noise, or music. The controls are right on the mask, so you don’t have to let light in to answer calls or change tracks.

43. A brilliant way to add a backup camera to your car

Even if your car is older or low-tech, you can have a rear camera and a dash cam. It’s not difficult to install, either; just add this touch-screen mirror over your current rear-view mirror. Then, plug it into the lighter and wire the rear camera onto your license plate. It’ll record continuously — front and back — so you have a video of whatever happens to you on the road. Plus, it’ll let you see behind you when you back up.

44. This brilliant USB port that’s also a headphone rack

Attach this clever device on the underside of your desk and tidy up in many ways at once. It’s a three-port USB hub, but it also has a pair of hooks to hold your headphones and accessories. It even has a cable management system so that it’s nearly invisible under your desk or table. The hooks are also designed to hold cables. It’s brilliant.

45. This egg-molding ring for easy-to-cook brunches at home

Cook perfectly round pancakes, eggs, English muffins, burgers, or whatever it is you’re into with these cooking mold rings. Just put them on the frying pan and crack your egg into them, pour batter inside, or let bread dough expand to the edges. This six-pack comes with a silicone brush and hot mitt, too.

46. This microphone that has a karaoke machine built into it

Whether your’e at a party or hanging out at home, you can bring the karaoke with you. This microphone connects via Bluetooth so you can choose your music, read the lyrics off your phone screen, and sing into the microphone itself. You can also control the echo on your device — and your singing will come out of the speaker on the microphone. It even charges via USB so you can sing and dance wire-free.

47. A set of sponges that solve all the sponge problems

If you don’t like the way your porous kitchen sponges start to smell over time, try these silicone scrubbers instead. They’re each gentle and sized like sponges. However, they don’t hold water — so there’s no problem with mildew. Run them through the dishwasher so they are always clean.

48. This motion-activated bulb that turns your toilet into a night light

Your toilet won’t be boring or hard to find if you snap this battery-powered light onto the rim. When you stumble into the bathroom at night, it’ll automatically detect your movement and light up so you see where you’re going. You can choose the color right on the device and change the ambiance with the seasons or your mood.

49. This pen that’s also a glass breaker, bottle opener, & flashlight

It’s a pen. It’s a flashlight. It’ll even break glass. This is the pen you’ll want to have with you in case of an emergency. It’s also a bottle opener in case you misplace your own — and two extra ink cartridges are included (along with an extra battery for the flashlight).

50. These gloves that have lights in the fingers

Maybe you weren’t born with super powers — but you can always to acquire some. These gloves have flashlights in the fingers, making them useful while trying to fix an appliance or work on your car. The gloves are stretchy and adjustable, too — and the Velcro is adjustable to fit various hand sizes.

51. These smart plugs that are super affordable

Making all of your appliances and lights compatible with voice control can get pricy. That’s one good reason why social media is so obsessed with this two-pack of smart plugs that connect to your phone via Bluetooth and work with whatever smart system you have. Even without a smart system, you can use the advised app to set up schedules and control your lights remotely. There are two here for just $16.

52. A door stopper that seals the room against cold, bugs, & sound

That gap under your door might be the reason you’re feeling the need to turn up the heat. This under-door draft stopper is a lot cheaper than doing that, though. Just slide it under your door and it’ll seal the cold out. It’ll also help keep dust, bugs, and noise outside. It comes in five colors to match your home decor and is machine washable.

53. The airtight storage container for bread that’s always fresh

This bread box makes it possible to store your bread in a cupboard or fridge without it going stale. The top snaps on and seals with a gasket. There’s also a divider inside so your wheat doesn’t mingle with the rye. Some customers like these so much that they’ve given them as gifts.

54. These clever microfiber sponges you can throw into the wash

Soft on one side and abrasive on the other, these soft microfiber sponges can clean everything from dishes to your car and bathroom. Plus, you don’t have to throw them away after they’ve been worn out. Just throw them in the wash and use them again. This is a four-pack — but you can also choose from packs of two, six, and 12.

55. A screen magnifier that makes it easier to watch movies on your phone

This screen magnifier makes it easier than ever — and way more enjoyable — to watch movies on your phone. It’s just a phone stand with a magnifier that turns the image from the small screen on on your phone into a larger one that’s simpler to see. It can also be rolled up for storage until you want to watch something else.

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