Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site. Whether college means in-person or online classes this year, great coffee can help students get up and running. Make it easy to get a fix with a quality coffee maker. At Consumer Reports, we test both full-sized and single-serve coffee […]

When Searchlight pushed “The French Dispatch” to 2021, after losing a Cannes berth and pulling it from fall festival consideration, many wondered if the film would ever open. For Searchlight the delay comes down to simple math: The year 2020 can’t accommodate an awards movie for adult audiences without severely […]

California overall is not experiencing the same alarming surge in COVID-19 infections as it did in late June and early July, but record-breaking death tolls reported this week underscore the continued seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic. California set a new record Wednesday when it reported its highest COVID-19 death toll […]

(Bloomberg Opinion) — The pandemic has given rise to some big changes in consumer behavior. We’re all familiar with the obvious ones by now, including more meals at home, fewer trips on airplanes and a dearth of reasons to buy high heels or suits. But after a batch of big-name consumer companies reported earnings in […]

Approximately 44.2 million people have filed for unemployment since the start of the coronavirus shutdown in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Labor. If your employer is struggling to stay afloat in the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re probably concerned about your job. Preparing for a possible pink slip in […]

Late departure: Jet2 intends to begin the 2020 summer season on 1 July: Matt Carter/@matt_carter787 Jet2 has cancelled many flights home from Spain, with implications for travellers What is happening? Hundreds of people currently in Spain with the travel firm Jet2 Holidays and its associated airlines have been told their […]

PARIS — Despite an easing of border restrictions in Europe, retailers, hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the region’s fashion capitals that rely on the tourism industry are struggling to cope with the disappearance of international visitors — with little sign they will return in significant numbers in the near […]

LONDON — Burberry is looking to break new retail ground in Shenzhen, China, today with a store that fuses physical and digital elements and asks shoppers to press their WeChat accounts into action as they game their way around the store, making virtual, and real life, discoveries. The 5,800-square-foot store […]

BEIJING — China is tightening travel restrictions in the capital of the Xinjiang region amid a COVID-19 outbreak in the northwestern city. People arriving in Urumqi from regions considered to have high infection risk must undergo a two-week quarantine. Others arriving from less risky areas most show proof of good […]

Outbreaks grow as California struggles to control the coronavirus. The state’s high court strikes down some types of pension spiking. And I talk to a longtime disability advocate about 30 years of ADA, inclusion in Hollywood and how COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting the community. It’s Arlene and it’s Thursday. Let’s do this. […]